Our Methodology

  • We intimate our requirements to you and why we require the same.
  • Your relationship manager will guide you as to how and what documents are to be uploaded online.
  • The relationship manager will also explain the requirements in detail and answer your queries.
  • Once the material and information is uploaded online on our system, our team of experts will work on it diligently covering all the required aspects.
  • Whenever there is a requirement your relationship manager will email you the queries that his accounting team might have.
  • We ensure that your organisation meets compliance requirements as far as statutory requirements concerning Revenue , Customs, Excise , VAT, PAYE , Companies House etc are concerned.
  • Your relationship manager ensures that all committed timelines are met by the team working on your account.
  • Through your relationship manager you will have access to our various heads of departments for Accounts, Tax , VAT, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Audit and Admin. You can contact them as and when you have a requirement for the same.