Payroll Outsourcing Company In India
Today, you can easily find out many Payroll Outsourcing Company in India but We offer end to end payroll services at reasonable costs helping you to earn considerable margins and let you gain time as well to focus on you core operations.

The best part is we can customize payroll services to suit your requirements and provide a well-managed payroll solution. With us the payroll worries are off your head and costing is just an icing on the cake, i.e., you pay on per pay slip basis.

Our Payroll Services Include


  • Calculating gross wages, Top Up, Holiday pay (including recovery of overpaid holiday pay deduction) etc.
  • Creating and maintaining employee records within a payroll administration system
  • Carrying out PAYE and NI calculations and deductions (including SSP and SMP/SPP deductions)
  • Preparation of leaver P45s or joiners P45/P46 or student P38s form PAYE monthly/quarterly payment reminder
  • Producing pay slips, management information & reports
  • Preparing the management reports department wise and cost centre wise
  • Completion of the year end submission and issuing P14’s/P60’s/wages reconciliation
  • Changing the status of the employees (if needed)
  • We can also help clients in setting up child care voucher schemes


  • It includes PAYE scheme registration/de-registration, employer set up in software, adding employees in the company


  • RTI (FPS/EPS) submissions on the monthly basis
  • Direct filing to HMRC or sent to the client (case to case basis)